Experience-based Training
for Emerging Countries

To foster human resources business in “emerging countries in Asia with a focus on” the fast-growing

English level / subject

  • In the near future, (young, middle-manager, senior manager), or you know of anyone who might be appointed to plan overseas
  • Those involved in overseas market development or strengthening of overseas business
  • (Reference point TOEIC 600-900) Intermediate to advanced level

* English proficiency is required by activities in the country of dispatch is different destination.

Emerging experience project (India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia)

Get the knowledge and experience required for candidates to target mid-level executives – do business in emerging markets. By doing in collaboration with local companies and NGO members of the organization over a period of several weeks actually, how to proceed and cross-cultural communication skills of business in emerging countries will be trained. This program is suitable for the training of leaders be able to tow the forefront of the emerging business themselves.


  • In local companies in emerging markets, working on the project on the real business problem-solving
  • Learn the technique of collecting information by performing a group interview, to the various stakeholders of companies and external internships
  • Recommendations for corporate executives make a presentation of internship

[Standard] execution time to 6 weeks [4 weeks]

(China, Indonesia) research experience in emerging markets

By for those who are development department, sales, marketing, and business planning, acquainted with the needs of people in emerging markets, we consider the business from the perspective of their products and services that match the needs of emerging markets The training leaders be able to formulate and execute sales strategy or develop a service that matches the local situation.


  • Market research experience in emerging markets
  • Preparation and methods of market research
  • By performing their planning, planning, implementation, self-confidence to overcome difficulties to achieve the purpose
  • Can feel the actual market, bring back the business idea as a result of the last

[Standard] carried out time 1 to 2 weeks

"GIA leader program" BOP experience emerging economies (India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka)

Will train a leader with high aspirations with imagination and sense of mission agnostic as well as market knowledge, that aim to solve social issues through local business, and traditional customs of a wide view of the world.


  • Through the BOP business, gain recognition for innovation and reverse global approach to social issues
  • To experience contact with a wide spectrum of society in emerging countries (such as industry leader · NGO political leader from layer BOP), values ​​and stereotypes of their own is being shaken

[Standard] implementation time 4 weeks 1 week

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