Cicom Brains can offer optimal solutions by combining the best mix of assessment tools, online contents, group training, and follow-up activities. In addition, by leveraging our operations in Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, & Jakarta, we can support training of local employees who play a key role in your business success in Asia.

Global Strategy Accelerator

Support the acceleration of your global strategy through its expertise in developing learning organizations, identifying and motivating talent, and optimizing training opportunities.


Intercultural Management

Prepare employees to work abroad and follow-up / set up internships in emerging countries.

national staff training

National Staff Training

Develop overseas leaders and improve performance of core talent.


Sales Enablement

Build a successful sales organization. Improve the ability of Asian staff to ask questions, propose solutions, and close deals.



Develop a self-learning mindset. Turn activities into habits with the “Learning from Experience” model.



Address the shortage of female managerial candidates through improved selection and mentoring programs.


Global Communication

Enhance English proficiency and encourage self-learning throughout the organization.

Executive Development

Select and train Next-Generation Executive Management candidates as well as define roles and assess performance.

We support accelerating your global strategy
through talent and organizational development.

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