Training Program

Cicom Brains training provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their individual performance and organizational value.


We anticipate environmental changes in the competitive landscape and talent management trends and provide the required knowledge and skills for next generation leaders.

Learning Style

After careful consideration of a client’s needs and objectives, we choose the most appropriate instructional design to ensure maximum benefit for each participant.


We have a strong pool of talented instructors with abundant business and teaching experience who will facilitate discussions and provide useful advice. Our highly interactive approach is known and valued throughout the industry.

Training Program


Business English Training

Make strong first impressions and communicate more effectively with global staff / business partners.


Communication Skills Training

Improve cross-cultural awareness and communication skills when working with overseas business people.


Problem Solving Process

Foster a more innovative, problem-solving approach through participation in a project to identify and address a specific company issue.


Business Development Process

Develop sustainable business growth plans through participation in a project to identify and leverage competitive strengths.


Pre-departure Training

Instill the necessary skills and mindset to make for a successful overseas business assignment.


Global Diversity Training

Encourage, manage and get the most out of a diverse workforce to enhance global competitiveness.


Communication Skills for Executives

Brush up existing communication skills and learn more industry specific communication skills.


Sales Strategy Process

Formulate and execute more effective sales strategies, utilizing a PDCA project-based approach.


Training for Emerging

Strengthen local human resource knowledge and skills in emerging Asian markets, utilizing a project-based approach.

We support accelerating your global strategy
through talent and organizational development.

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