Pre-departure Training

This intensive training provides participants with the necessary skills and mindset to be successful in overseas assignments.

Target Participant

  • Managers who may be posted overseas in the near future
  • Intermediate to advanced level English (TOEIC 500-800)

Training Period

The actual time required may vary from one to six weeks, depending on the English level, position and needs of the individual.

Knowledge & Skills

Business Communication (1-2 days per skill area)

  • Socializing
  • Discussion
  • Meeting
  • Teleconferencing
  • E-mail writing
  • Presentation
  • Negotiation


Leadership Communication (2 to 3 days)

  • Being assertive
  • Communicating logically
  • Coaching subordinates
  • Inspiring others
  • Managing conflict

Cross-Cultural Understanding & Communication (1 to 2 days)

  • What is culture?
  • High vs. low context communication styles
  • Active listening skills
  • Understanding & managing diversity
  • World Café exercise


Management Skills (2 days per subject area)

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Logical Thinking / Problem Solving

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