Addressing the shortage of female managerial candidates / Enhancing confidence

What are the desirable characteristics for female managers?

Being a visionary

  • Knowing the management mission
  • Clarifying the team vision
  • Being prepared to overcome all types of challenges to realize the vision

Having the confidence to determine and stick to principles & goals

  • Possessing the necessary experience to become a manager
  • Supplementing lack of experience
  • Deciding and acting with confidence

Ability to exhibit leadership

  • Leveraging past experiences and sense of values
  • Exhibiting confident leadership while balancing own values with organizational direction and culture

Understanding and challenging the male-centric corporate culture

  • Recognizing minority status and the challenges it presents in the male-centric corporate culture
  • Adapting to or confronting (exhibiting own values) the male-centric corporate culture

Enlarging the number of potential female managerial and executive candidates

Q. What stage is your company in now?

  • In the process of building a system for women to succeed
  • Trying to increase the number of female managerial candidates
  • Regularly selecting from an established pool of female managerial candidates
  • Regularly selecting from an established pool of female executive candidates

Training female managers or preparing an environment for women to succeed depends on the business and corporate culture.
Whatever the stage, expanding the pool of female managerial and executive candidates is the key to an organization’s success.
Given the current male-dominate environment, concrete action steps and goals must be established to expand the number of qualified female candidates. A consistent message must be sent throughout the entire organization and managers must be involved in the training process.

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Customer Issues 1

Getting female managers to exhibit confident leadership

  • Establishing an axis to avoid bad decisions and poor conduct under difficult conditions
  • Self-reflecting and building own leadership style
  • Developing the managerial vision
  • Learning to confront the male-dominant corporate culture

Customer Issues 2

Considering how candidates should be trained (from the boss’s perspective)

  • Developing a mid and long-term career plan for female subordinates
  • Sounding out career plans for female subordinates through one-on-one interviews
  • Assigning / delegating work to female subordinates
  • Motivating female subordinates to succeed

Customer Issues 3

Selecting and training executive candidates from the pool of female managers

  • Setting objective criteria for selecting female executive candidates
  • Evaluating female executive candidates and coming up with a personality profile
  • Building and executing an action plan for female executive candidates using feedback sessions