Global Strategy Accelerator

CICOM BRAINS supports the acceleration of your global strategy through its expertise in developing learning organizations,
identifying and motivating talent, and optimizing training opportunities.

Our Mission

CICOM BRAINS will assist global corporations in gaining a competitive advantage
through our engagement in the following measures.

Strategy Alignment

Accelerate the sharing and execution of your global strategy and vision.

  • Promote local understanding and ownership of the mid-term strategy
  • Integrate corporate philosophy and culture following a merger
  • Share success stories throughout the global organization


Promote management localization through engagement and leadership development.

  • Enable country operations to formulate and execute business strategies
  • Enhance organizational knowledge and skills to succeed in the local market
  • Support local innovation efforts

Talent Development

Link learning and development policies in each country to facilitate global talent management.

  • Develop talent to gain engagement on transnational projects
  • Nurture future global executives
  • Increase global visibility of high potential talents

Our Strengths

Professional Network

Work with 120 instructors / facilitators spanning 21 countries

We have an extensive network of highly experienced professionals who have passed our rigorous screening process. Sharing advanced methods and tools, we are capable of delivering high-quality, effective sessions in a standardized manner.

Project Management

Reduce the coordination nightmare to meet your expectations & goals

We work in concert with your head and local offices to ensure consistency and quality throughout the entire process— from developing material, managing communication with participants, and holding follow-up sessions.

Cultural Intelligence

Adjust to local languages and practices but conform with to the global direction

Our project consultants, many of whom have lived and worked abroad, are certified by Hofstede Insights, making them more in tune with different cultural values and practices. We also utilize our expertise in developing local contents, including language translation.


CICOM BRAINS works closely with the client through each phase, from designing the project to its successful roll-out, to ensure the vision, strategy, and talent fit seamlessly together to produce the desired outcome.


Our project managers, together with instructors/facilitators in each country,
assist both the client’s head office and country offices in a seamless and systematic manner.


How do we accelerate global deployment of the mission, vision, and values (MVV) and strategy?

In the past…

Develop the vision and strategy in the head office and outreach to countries

  • Translate into different languages to deliver in text and DVD form
  • CEO visits countries to convey messages on a senior level
  • Incorporate into existing in-house L&D programs
  • Organize an evangelist team
  • Implement a new competency model

In future…

Coordinate actions simultaneously around the world to get everyone engaged

  • Kick-off a project team for transformation
  • Facilitate grass-roots discussion on environmental changes
  • Digest renewed MVV/strategies for each division/country
  • Look for action plans on an organizational/ individual level
  • Regularly review progress