To develop a self-learning and development mindset / Activities made into habits
with the “Learning from Experience” model / Assertive communication skills

Extensive field training is difficult. Then what needs to be done?

Develop people who can achieve personal growth through trial and error.

HR people often comment that it is difficult to spend time training junior staff, or even to communicate with them to evaluate their proficiency. The increasing demands on shop floors to are making it difficult to provide OJT to junior staff. This requires junior staff to take the initiative for their own development through trial and error.

Developing the mindset and skills which junior staff need based on the third year of “The Growth Image”.

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Customer Issues 1

Want junior staff to be able to think on their feet as quickly as possible

  • Commitment to organizational goals should be strengthened
    *Need to understand the direction of the organization and to contribute towards that end
  • Ability to have productive conversations with the people around them
  • Need to learn from experience, and create and utilize better ways to carry out future work
  • Learn basics of logical thinking so as to better identify problems, think of solutions, and execute them

Customer Issues 2

Turnover of junior staff should be prevented, whenever possible.

[For Junior staff]

  • Ability to have productive conversations with the people around them
  • Understand the causes of stress and how to address it
  • Enhance organizational skills to improve productivity

[For Bosses, and OJT Trainers]

  • Improve communication skills (commending, reprimanding, teaching, coaching) with junior staff

Customer Issues 3

Obtain the necessary business knowledge and manners before being assigned to the field

  • Obtain necessary business skills before employment commences, with follow-up training after employment to apply the knowledge that was learned.