Executive Development

Selection and training of Next-Generation Executive Management candidates as well
as role definition and performance assessment.

What kind of skills must managers have in the future ?

Ability to develop and communicate future goals

  • Develop and communicate the business vision to staff as well as motivate them to achieve it by helping them understand how their job contributes to the goal.
  • Staff will take the initiative once they have ownership of their work.
  • Diversity of values can become a team enabler instead of a team disabler.

Each failure brings people one step closer to success.

  • Solutions to new problems are brought about by exploring new territory.
  • Personal and group biases often impact the quality of decisions.
  • Continuous improvement of the PDCA cycle will aid in the organization’s success.

Staff relationships need to be built upon real trust.

  • Assigning the right roles to the right people will aid in the staff’s development.
  • Using teaching, coaching, and empowerment to train staff.
  • Timely and honest feedback will strengthen staff relationships and lead to individual growth.
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Examples of Issues and Solutions

Customer Issues 1

Need for people to do their work competently but also keeping in mind the big picture.
Poor ability to make proposals to top executives.
Biggest difference between senior and middle managers is that the former has to manage numerous subordinates indirectly through their direct subordinates such as section chiefs or deputy chiefs.
Middle managers are responsible for training all members, but senior managers only train potential successors.
Because their area of responsibility is extensive, senior managers have to make decisions even in fields where they are not competent.

Seven Activities required of Senior Managers Hexagon Plus®

Customer Issues 2

Managers are required to achieve results as a team, not as individuals.
Managers should be more responsible for training their staff.

  • They should know that achieving results as a team requires a different set of behaviors from achieving results as an individual.
  • Knowledge of teambuilding processes and methodologies are necessary for organizational success.
  • Building staff trust can be done through personal training and offering concrete feedback.

Six Activities required of Managers Pentagon Plus